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First Episode of "Scene Unseen" - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Review

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The Conversation

  1. Behonkiss said:

    Oh my God, this is it.

    Downloading now and about to listen. Thanks for all the shows, guys.

  2. patrick said:

    it’s gonna be bittersweet listening to this one. I think i’m going to save for later on in the week

    anyways thanks for all that you’ve guys done in these past years, even though I’m a new listener, i’ll still miss this podcast

    all the best

  3. Shane said:


    Anyway, thanks for the grat memories boys. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
    We’ll miss ya!

  4. Max said:

    Thank you guys for a great podcast. For the record it was my very first podcast that i subscribed to, and now thanks to you guys, I am a better person. Great last episode and i look forward to viewing any future projects from y’all.

  5. Michael said:

    I am going to miss all ‘yall. After listening to your podcast since day one, I am now pursuing my own film career. Good luck with everything that you guys do in the future.

    P.S. Fucking see Avatar already.

  6. Trevor said:

    Once again gentlemen I must say thank you for the great times! Congrats on your careers taking off and I hope that you lead very fruitful lives haha. We’re gonna miss you guys!!

  7. Eric Albrecht said:

    I’m putting off listening to this one until tomorrow just so that I don’t get too bummed out tonight. Just wanted to let you guys know that I enjoyed your podcast immensely and yours was my favorite one by far. My girlfriend actually might be moving to LA to work for the movie industry in graphic design, which she was partially inspired by you fellas. I’m really happy for you guys that you are doing what you set out to do, that in itself is a big accomplishment. I’ll miss you guys and hope you keep all of us updated on your future exploits!

  8. Stetle said:

    I am downloading now and will listen to it on the trip from Columbus, OH to Cincinnati, OH. Thanks again for all the great memories and movie picks.

    For now I’m “BANKING”- Nick Cage

  9. Level1Alt said:

    Mackie (hope i got his name right lol) has one wicked laugh =) Anyways you guys be good!

  10. Nicholas West said:

    I’ll miss you bastards. I started a damn podcast too. We start recording the first week of January.

    I’ll be sending you guys a couple of more comics too.

  11. indy42 said:

    Thanks for the great podcast. That’s all I have to say about that.

  12. Justin said:

    Wow, really great episode, guys! This is like the definitive episode for “Scene Unseen” fans like myself. Anyway, thanks again for all of your hard work on these episodes. I wish you both the best in, not just your careers, but your lives as well. I feel like this is not the end, but a new beginning.

  13. jeremy sollie said:

    are you guys ever going to do another wrap-up year end or anything? i listened to the last episode, but i guess i ddnt lisen well enouh.

  14. Mackey/Mac-E said:

    A message to Chris, Jimmy, and the Fans,

    Thanks for letting me into your homes (to most, metaphorically speaking…to Ronnie in Lubbock, TX, I mean it literally…I still have the bruises and the stench of rodeo clown on me…).

    All kidding aside, it was a blast to be apart of something that reached this many people.

    I want to wish everyone the best of luck in following their dreams.

    Have a wonderful New Year.



    p.s. If you figure out how to make “Fly Me To The Moon” into a drinking game, please let me know.

  15. Louis Oh said:

    serious bummer
    hope you’re holidays are better than mine cuz this is depressing the crap out of me
    good luck guys
    looking forward to what you guys come up with (like Dear Mr. Watterson)

  16. Ellen T. said:

    Dear Chris & Jimmy,

    I can’t say that I’ve been a loyal listener because I only subscribed to your podcast recently. I can however say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the hilarious banter, great critiquing of films, and overall wonder podcast you have given to all of us. I hope whatever life brings you will be smooth waters and good times. The best to both of you!

    From chilly Jackson, Michigan
    Ellen T.

    P.S. Come what may…

  17. Johnny B said:

    I started listening 3 years ago on at train to NYC and never missed an episode. Thanks for all the recomdendations. You will be misssed. Best of luck!


  18. KeAnna said:

    I cant bring myself to listen to the last episodes yet. I dont want it to be over. I have the enjoyed the show so much since I discovered it on ITunes. I know, all good things must come to an end. I hope the blog and old shows will still be made available though. Good luck Chris and Jimmy.

  19. Nicholas West said:

    Listened. Saddened.

    All good things must end. I think a clean break may be best too. But I will be there for damn sure if you guys decide to bust out some annual episodes in the future…

  20. Nick Lyschik said:

    This is the end…

    It was fun guys. I have been a loyal listener for sometime. You will be missed. I have been trying to fill the void but there isn’t another movie review podcast that has been able to do it like you two. Good luck.

    Thanks again..

  21. ChrisM said:

    way to harsh my buzz.

    whose listener fucking couch did you sleep on, you sluts?! You didn’t whore yourself out to ME, and I’m in L.A. ! I bet you went all the way to Piedmont AZ to sit on someone’s vibrasofa.

    I said piedmont. heheh

  22. ChrisM said:

    When you miss me and wish you hadn’t turned me down when I offered to do both of you in the bathroom, like in Unfaithful, you know, where Diane Lane liked it up against the hard metal and everything, except that if we were all in there you’d have to see each other, and that would kind of creep me out even though you two would be okay with it, and then I’d have to stop and that would leave you guys looking at each other in that


    you have.

    What was my question?

    oh, yeah, so when you regret not sharing that moment, don’t come whining to me about it because I will have MOVED ON.


    It doesn’t really seem like a question now that I’ve said it, so never mind.

  23. sneaky pete said:

    Wish you guys the best!

    Just dont become d-bags, like most, in the movie business.

    - sneaky pete

  24. Ed Killingsworth said:

    Chris/Jimmy et al:

    I must admit I was a little bummed listening to the farewell episode yesterday afternoon.

    Thanks for being a part of my life for three years.

    You were with me during those long training runs for two marathons and comic relief at my soul-sucking government cubicle job.

    I wish you guys much good fortune in your future endeavors.

    Thanks again for making my daily life here in Alabama just a little more bearable.


  25. Matt said:

    Well, my friends, thanks one more time for the kind words and the fun memories.

    Believe it or not, I woke up Christmas morning and Santa had brought me … A SCENE/UNSEEN mousepad!

    I bet the artist behind that is a handsome stud!

  26. jeromyOBLIVIAN. said:

    Like many other listeners, I’m holding off on listening to this episode. I’m gonna wait for a day when I can take the severe, punishing blow to my ego that will undoubtedly come upon realizing that I yet again fucked up what could’ve been a perfectly good episode.

    There were a few things I intended to mention while we were recording. In the heat of the moment, however, I defaulted to my usual M.O. of babbling and chattering on in endless, desultory circles.

    1. If you’re interested in my picks for the best movies of the decade, I’ll be posting them on Twitter (@ncyb) over the next few days.

    2. If you’re looking for a last-minute Christmas gift or something to buy with that gift card, you can’t go wrong with Mayer Hawthorne’s album “A Strange Arrangement”
    or Reigning Sound’s album “Love & Curses”
    or Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears’ album “Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is!”
    or Billy Childish’s 2-disc collection “Archive From 1959″
    or Lew Paper’s book “Perfect: Don Larsen’s Miraculous World Series Game…”
    or Robin D.G. Kelley’s biography “Thelonious Monk: The Life & Times of…”.

    And to Chris & Jimmy & Mac-E & those of you who have listened to the episode: I’m sorry.

  27. Justin said:

    To Jeromy & Mac-E,

    You guys are both awesome and I am so glad that you graced us “Scene Unseen” fans with your presence these last few years. I have really enjoyed listening to you guys banter also talk about the movies. Mac-E, your laughter at the ridiculous sounding plot of fly me to the moon (a title that doesn’t even deserved to be capitalized or quotationed, if that is a word) echoed my sentiments exactly. And Jeromy, I still remember you comparing Eli Roth to a girl friend who begs you to do her doggy style and then decides to take a huge crap all over you while doing this. Haha, anyway, you guys truly rock!

  28. Nick said:

    Well, good luck you guys. I’ve been listening since episode 2 and will miss your ever trance inducing voices that carried through a good chunk of my mondays. thank you for mentioning my band in one of your episodes. since then (and i’ll credit it to you guys.) we got contacted by a producer and a couple labels, and have recently recorded a new EP that is being mixed somewhere in the midwest.
    Maybe someday, somewhere, we will meet up and hang and grab a few beers on me. Look me up if your in Seattle.

    Peace my friends.


  29. Avi said:

    C’mon guys, how could you have gone through an entire podcast, not to mention your last podcast, and not even mention Inglourious Basterds? Sorry, but it’s not exactly ending on a high note!

  30. Zack Sparrow said:

    Hey Guys,

    I was disappointed by the episode. However, thanks for mentioning me, Jeromy. You are a boss.

    Zack Sparrow

  31. Wesley said:

    Hey you guys id just thought i’d let you know how scene unseen has helped me through my life. Since listening to your show i have; bought 50 movies

  32. wesley said:

    god damn this computer! anyway…. gotten tipsy for the first time ever. Snuck out of home. Played strip games. Gotten drunk for the first time. Learnt all my alcohols. Learnt all my actors, directors, and everything inbetween. I have decided I want to go into film (probably editing at this stage). Found a girl (working on that one though). And have been drunk many times since. You have changed my life, in a good way, and brought out the worst in me. Thank you!

  33. Stef said:

    I’m not gonna be a broken record… so I won’t repeat what everyone else has said. But I will miss the two of ya!

    Okay, now I’m off to buy a shirt from your store (even though I originally said in the beginning, “Who would buy something from a podcast?” It’s just a podcast…”)

    You guys are great.

  34. Bryan said:

    Alright guys, I waited as long as I possibly could to listen to the final episode. Thanks for all of the laughs and the insight over the years. It has been a great ride.

    One last complaint for the final episode: WHERE THE HELL WAS JIMMY’S PIRATE in this one? That was the funniest/strangest episode of all time.

    Keep on keepin’ on guys!

  35. sakins said:

    Thats some bad news to start 2010 with :(
    I’m a long time listener from Latvia and I really enjoyed this show. I wish you all the best and thanks for all the great work you put in making this podcast.

    Now I will need a replacement. Can anyone suggest good podcasts about cinema?

  36. Justin said:

    Sakins, I really like the /filmcast. Those guys have excellent hosts, great guests (Kevin Smith, Jason Reitman, ect), and fun topics. They are no Chris & Jimmy, but they did review “Australia” together. Check them out!

  37. pixo_oz said:

    I’ve been subscribed to this podcast since the “Colours” DVD-picks episode and I will sorely miss it.

    What were the alternative podcasts Chris and Jimmy mentioned during this final episode? I think the Treatment was one, but I can’t find anything that looks right in iTunes.

    I’ve tried /film and for a while was subscribed to their regular and after-dark podcasts however I don’t have four hours a week to get through their content, and I don’t want/need spoilers in a review. Not a criticism btw, but they’re not working for me.

    That said their Kevin Smith / Watchmen episode was excellent.

    Anyhow, I already miss SceneUnseen. Thanks for the many hours of listening. You made me want to be your friend – and not in some weird stalkerish way, but in a hang out and talk movies way. Honest.


  38. sakins said:

    Thanks for pointing me at filmacast. I think I have tried it in past, but I will give it a second chance.

    Also I didnt mention that I usualy listen to this and also filmspotting which is more serious, but still I really love it and surely recommend

  39. Jeff said:

    Thanks for reading my letter…it made the end a little easier for me.
    Also, being immortalized in the Farewell Episode makes for a killer souvenir!

    All the best guys!


  40. Erik Olsgaard said:

    /Filmcast and Filmspotting are not filling the void, man. Why does everyone have to be so serious all the time?? I am around serious people all day, and it blows.

    I think the key is the alcohol.

  41. Justin said:

    /Filmcast, serious? Wow, go back and listen to their most recent interview with Jason Reitman. Absolutely hilarious!

  42. Zack Sparrow said:

    Guys, “The Movie Hour” is filling the void for me. It’s really well done!

    That said, no one will replace King Chris and Duke Jimmy.

  43. Paula said:

    Thanks for the podcast Chris & Jimmy, you will most definitely be missed! Have to find something else to listen to on my boring train ride every day now. Ryan and I found some pez dispensers of the 4 turtles let us know if you want them and I will send them to you? Ryan wants to eat the pez and so far I have stopped him but don’t know how long I can keep him away. Anyway I am ranting, must be an avoidance strategy – in denial that there will be no more podcast, I still check iTunes everyday to see if there is a new show to download but to no avail so I guess you aren’t kidding. Wish you all the best in your future endeavours.
    Paula Casas
    Melbourne, Aus

  44. Erik Olsgaard said:

    I haven’t been through too many episodes yet, but so far my first impression is that they can be overly cynical at times. This is most likely a product of my own preference for optimistic movie reviewing, though, so I would still recommend everyone give it a try. I’ll listen to a dozen episodes and see where I stand after that.

    @Zack Sparrow
    I haven’t checked that one out yet–I’ll get on that ASAP because work is seriously lame right now.

    Wasn’t a huge fan of MeanDawg (TOO much alcohol?) and I’m enjoying Filmspotting right now. Less joking around, but very, very interesting discussions. But in the end, there is no replacement for Scene Unseen.

  45. Shane said:

    What’s the deal guys? I thought you were going to keep the blog going?

    @Zack Sparrow Is that one on iTunes?

  46. AVM said:

    I’m listening to all of the episodes on rotation, one everyday on the bus…

  47. AVM said:

    I’m listening to all of the episodes on rotation, one everyday on the bus…

  48. Nicholas West said:

    So I took your advice fellas. I started my own podcast. I modeled some of it after Scene Unseen- as you are the masters. It’s called Giant-Size Podcast. We do comic book reviews.

    I hope you don’t mind me pimping myself out here.

  49. Jennifer said:

    Oh, boys! So sad you are not doing the podcast anymore. I will miss your witty movie banter! : (

    I’ll spread the word about Kickstarter. You guys have an amazing talent and passion for movies that is evident in every podcast. Good luck in your careers! Hope to see/hear great things from you guys soon!

  50. Robert H. said:

    Dang, it sucks that the show is ending. It was this show that that really got me into film.

    One quick question:

    Are you going to at least keep up the blog?

  51. Shane said:

    Hey guys, if you enjoyed Chris and Jimmy’s movie banter then check out the podcast @Zack Sparrow and I started. It’s called “Reeltalk”. Check us out at or search “reeltalk movie reviews” in the itunes search bar. Please download!

  52. Ayla said:

    Damn, I’ve just discovered the podcast…and then only to discover you guys are ending it.

  53. Justin Atkinson said:

    RIP to D.A. Pennebaker’s dog, Bix, who passed away this week. I first became aware of this dog by listening to Chris and Jimmy’s interview with Pennebaker (highly recommended listen!)

  54. Meisam Fathi said:

    Thank you for your great shows. And what a pity that I was at compulsory military service when you ended it up.

  55. Victoria said:

    Hey Zack and Shane, just downloaded your podcast. You have a lot to live up to! Hopefully Chris and Jimmy can live on in the two of you.

  56. Shane said:

    @Victoria Great! Were so glad you like the show. Please spred the word and feel free to write in!

  57. 7-ate-9 said:

    Thank you guys so much for bringing back the forums!! I’m forever grateful!

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