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The Conversation

  1. Isabel said:

    I’m going to miss the crap out of you guys. Thanks for the years of fun times!

  2. Trevor said:

    Well boys, I just want to say that I am gonna miss the anticipation of a new show each week. Listening to your show has given me loads of film knowledge and other random tid bits of information that I use on a daily basis. THANK YOU!!

  3. Level1Alt said:

    I have downloaded all your podcasts and just start from the beginning =P You’ll never escape MAH limbo!

  4. Leon said:

    Im gonna miss you guys.

  5. Jonathan said:

    I agree with everybody else, you will be missed. Since I’m going on vacation next week, I think it’s only fitting that I save this episode for the plane ride.

  6. Brenna said:

    I’m so sad!!! I don’t know whether to listen to the last episode or save it for a low moment when nothing but talk of Teenage mutant Ninja turtles, or ‘seven, but I look a lot older’ or raunchy drink-infused gallavants will lift my mood. Oh, and the movie talk too.
    I will really miss this show.

  7. Oscar said:

    That was a great episode as always. I am kind of sad that the show is over but have great careers but both of you have definetely influenced me on movie knowledge a lot.
    Thanks. Good luck

  8. Patrick said:

    I just found about you guys recently and have been catching up on your older podcasts, writing movie recommendations down so I can watch them . sad to find out you guys aren’t going to keep on doing the podcasts, but I wish both of you the best of luck in your careers

    now get off my lawn !

  9. Cameron said:

    Thank you for all the work you have done making my life more interesting. Your reviews have truly made my world bigger. By the way, Mike and Mike in the morning comment about how Die Hard is not a Christmas movie but two years ago Jimmy specifically commented about how it is one of the favorites. I agree!

  10. Justin said:

    Not only is Die Hard a Christmas movie, but I would argue that Lethal Weapon is also (the 1st one because it was set at Christmas time.) Anyway, this is the end of Scene Unseen, but the beginning of something new: the ability to see Chris & Jimmy the Movie. Co-starring, Sly Stallone, Christopher Walken, Michael Bay, and a slew of former Scene Unseen guests. Make it that road movie to Happyness USA that Mumby joked about.

  11. Chris said:

    “Die Hard” is definitely a Christmas movie…I even picked it as one of my DVD’s for “The Nativity Story” episode years back.

    By the way, film fiends…we will have one FINAL summation/wrap-up/farewell episode next week…stay tuned!

  12. ChrisM said:

    Well, you certainly don’t need me to add to the voices of all of us sad, pitiful creatures, just sitting here moaning while we watch something die. I feel like a member of the Donner party.

    It’s going to be difficult for me to listen. I think I’ll just leave the last one on my pod until I’m in the home, all my friends and family long dead and my dog eating my numb pinky toes off. Then, maybe I’ll have the utter indifference necessary to listen to you guys laugh and guffaw at your own jokes, and giddy about leaving. Forever.

    Oh, btw, can I have my thongs back, you bastards?

  13. Lincoln John Petty said:

    I just wish I hadn’t listened to all the past shows allready. It would have been cool to go back and listen after the last show.

  14. Lincoln John Petty said:

    Oh, BTW. Fisrt on the last listener podcast! Not that means shit…

  15. Stefany said:

    Damn… I forgot to write in for your last podcast. Oh, the memories *sigh*. Ahh, well. I was already mentioned twice before.

    I, like the rest of ‘em, are going to miss your reviews…

    Good luck with your careers. I have faith in the two of ya! I feel that 2010 will be a good year…

  16. George said:

    Thanks for all the great reviews! My friends and I had a field day coming up with our favorite movies starting former TV stars leading up to the zombieland review… but you didn’t read our picks! Oh well. Keep us up to date with respect to your careers! I cannot wait to see what you both put out there for us. Also please consider coming back at least one a year for a year end review!

  17. Sara D. said:

    I must say there are not any other film podcasts out there that I can tolerate. So you guys are leaving a huge hole in my movie nerd existence! – C’est la vie

    Thanks for all the laughs and good luck with everything! As I said prior, the next time you are in NY, a trip to the Brandy Library will be on me :)

  18. Chuck said:

    Just finished the “Up In the Air” show…thanks for doing the podcast. Gonna miss you guys. Is it possible to rent out the SU podcast to another duo to continue it? Sure, it wouldn’t be the same without your duo o’ wit, but at least we, the unwashed, cinephile masses, would have more of this original podcast.

  19. Brenna said:

    I was wondering if you guys will keep us updated on your careers so that we can continue to follow you?

  20. Kim said:

    I am so upset that you guys are ending the podcast! I just started listening a few weeks ago after I saw it on the Itunes staff recommendations. I have test-driven many podcasts, and most of them end up in the trash bin, but yours I loved right away! I listened to a bunch of the older episodes. They keep me from going brain dead while on public transit, at work, driving etc. Anyway, I feel so abandoned! But I do hope you keep us updated on your future endeavors. I heard mention of writing a screen play? Well I’m sure you’ll come out with some refreshing, thought provoking filmage.

    If I were to actually write in and make a recommendation, I suppose it would be any of Herzog’s documentaries. I’ve been on a Herzog binge (partly for school) lately, studying Philosophy, Art and the Sublime. Looked at Grizzly Man, Land of Silence and Darkness, La Soufriere, Encounters at the End of the World, Lessons of Darkness, Fata Morgana, and No One Will Play With Me (super awesome and emotional in 13 minutes). All recommended. I have in front of me The Enigma of Kasper Hauser, Heart of Glass and Aguirre, The Wrath of God for my viewing pleasure over winter break.

    Garghghh! Will miss your silliness and awesome reviews. I even saw 2012 in theaters by your urging that if it happen at all it happen on the big screen. So you see my dedication.

  21. Tom said:

    Good luck guys. We knew you when.

  22. Alister Park said:

    First episode I listened to was the Lives of Others show where Chris stated that Amelie was his favorite film (which happens to be mine as well), so it was quite moving to hear the gorgeous musical piece from Amelie at the beginning of this show. Have to admit, I shed a couple of tears.

    Thanks for all the years of podcasting. You guys will be missed.

  23. Stetle said:

    The first episode I listened to was “The Bank Job,” on a trip to my grandma’s house.

    You guy have been great to me between the return messages and the Harry Potter IMAX tickets.

    I want to say thank you all the memories and good luck in the future.

  24. Mckenzie said:

    The first episode I listened to was “The Bank Job,” on a trip to my grandma’s house.

    You guy have been great to me between the return messages and the Harry Potter IMAX tickets.

    I want to say thank you all the memories and good luck in the future.

  25. Gidget said:

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for body revolution workout calendar

  26. dian puspita said:

    I do wish there were more people like you around on the interwebs. Not many people are careful with their words, including myself sometimes. I have written things I would love to take back, goo work, keep it up

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